Course Syllabus

The Constitutional Foundations course explores the historical background and constitutional foundations of the U.S. government. The course features new videos from the Center's Constitutional Conversations video series, and challenges participants with Constitutional Questions and debates.

This course is self-paced and takes approximately 15 hours to complete the entire course. Each module consists of readings, video, exercises, and participation in discussions.

  1. Background to the Constitution
  2. Congress and the Legislative Branch
  3. President and the Executive Branch
  4. Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch
  5. The States
  6. The People
  7. Ratification and Amendment

A more detailed syllabus can be found in the section, Modules. A list of the individual assessments and discussions required to complete the course are listed below. 

While the course is self-paced you will need to complete it by December 31 of the year that you registered for the course.

The modules of the course can be taken in any order. When complete you will be able to take the "Final Quiz," or 84 out of 100 questions that can be posed as part of the U.S. Citizenship test.

Upon completion of all of the modules and the final quiz you will have the opportunity to complete a Course Review and then, claim a certificate of completion. If you are an educator you will also have the ability to claim Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from James Madison University. The cost to claim credits is $25.

Course Summary:

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