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Welcome to the Montpelier Archaeology Field School! The Montpelier Archaeology Field School is a 6-week in-person course that is designed for future archaeologists looking to gain professional training in archaeology. It is held annually each June. This online component is designed to accompany the in-person course. To apply for the 2024 field school, visit, if you are interested in taking one of our one-week expedition programs, visit or if you are interested in perusing this on-line course, write mreeves<at>

This 6 week course is designed to teach you how to conduct archaeological excavations. It is primarily a course designed to teach you how to conduct archaeological methods in the field and the lab. But, archaeological methods stem from archaeological theory and practice, so this course website is designed to provide you with the information background to prepare you for the methods that you will be executing at Montpelier.

We are excited to have you as part of the Montpelier community. We hope that your time at Montpelier is special, and that you learn a lot and have fun doing it. We are looking forward to a great field season!

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Day 1: Introduction to Montpelier
Day 2: Finding and Excavating Archaeological Sites
Day 3: Material Culture
Day 4: Archaeological Analysis
Day 5: Public Archaeology and Anti-Racism
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Week 4 Resources
Week 5 Resources
Week 6 Resources
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